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‘A Public Can Talk To Itself: Why The Future of News is Actually Pretty Clear’

Posted by haynhi on 28/02/2010

From a while back by Cody Brown (taken from bookmarks on Delicious)

Nothing will replace newspaper companies or what they do.

For the past few months an un-holy alliance has consumed the media nerds on Twitter as two traditional foes have attempted to etch the above idea into stone.

For those who make (or used to make) a living in the newspaper industry, the idea is at the crux of nearly every editorial and is used as an argument to support micro payments, government funding, an illegal form of price fixing, and, you know, vice. For those outside the industry, the biggest rallying cry came from NYU professor Clay Shirky. He calls it the ‘great unbundling’ and asserts that there will never be another competitor to The New York Times; its pieces will be atomized and continue to spin into products like 538 and Craigslist.


AND this is from 2009 as well.
Investigative reporting in the Web era
By Paul Steiger

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How should we listen?

Posted by haynhi on 12/10/2009

An online conversation about interaction with the audience ‘overheard’:

Man 1:

Heard from the Twitterati: Don’t depend on users to tell you what they want. They don’t know. Before the car, people wanted “faster horses”.

Man 2:

About 12 years ago I observed a focus group being asked what they would want from an evening TV news magazine. They all spoke about what Nationwide was like. It was all they knew, how could they describe anything else? Focus groups are fine to test a product once you have it but don’t ask them to invent it for you.

Man 3:

They’ll want a coca-cola recipe that responds to mentos more violently…

Man 4:

Well to be fair they wanted to go faster, and inventing the car addressed this.. they knew what they wanted, just not the best solution to address this. You just need to ignore things like ‘horse’ and ‘nationwide’ and ‘logo spinning round in 3d’ and distil it down to the actual problem or need that they have rather than their proposed solution, plenty of big innovations are successful on the basis that they solve an existing problem, rather than introducing something totally new.

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