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Free video calls with Fring and what makes a good blog along with blog with ethics

Posted by haynhi on 12/03/2010

Haven’t tried but this site looks tempting – free calls, free video calls


Travel blog with ethics – taking ages to load so haven’t read


Lady Gaga looks ‘stylish’ in this video – courtesy of @lilyroseallen

What makes a good blog post – from @karenbryan


This course on RSS should be good. You can now generate RSS feed for sites that do not offer it at the moment. Marvelous!


Quote of the day (From DartfordMMA on Twitter)

‘Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom..’

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Sunday links: twitter + delicious = … plus future applications now…

Posted by haynhi on 07/03/2010

1. Twitter + Delicious = http://packrati.us/

2. Five futuristic applications that are here now – http://www.openforum.com/idea-hub/topics/innovation/article/5-futuristic-applications-that-are-here-now-ivana-taylor

3. Seven insanely useful way to search Twitter for marketing

4. Karate – Four English families go to Okinawa to bond and respect each other using Karate

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Social networking tools

Posted by haynhi on 17/02/2010

From a course, in no particular order.

Bing’s Twitter
Google document
Google Blog Search
Google reader
Twitter tags
Using social networking tools to develop future leaders

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For TV lovers in the UK: who to follow in Twitter.

Posted by haynhi on 28/10/2009

From The Guardian:

Twitter for TV lovers: who to followFrom Armando Iannucci and Graham Linehan to Mathew Horne and Katy Brand, Tim Lusher picks out the best TV folk to follow

Full story here.

Jonathan Ross @wossy – Much of what the chatshow host shares with his 434,000 followers is predictably about films and his TV guests, but his always upbeat thread also gives a sweet-natured insight into his home life: dodging his kids’ difficult homework questions, waking up to find the dogs asleep on his head or wondering how to dress for their walkies (“Ralph Lauren or Lady Gaga?”).

Armando Iannucci @alannucci – The comedy genius behind The Thick of It has been busy posting trailers and teasers for the latest series of the political satire, as well as sharing his views with nearly 25,000 followers: he’s “incalculably depressed” at the thought of a Cameron government, and thinks the “gob-hammeringly insensitive” Ben Bradshaw proves we are entering “the Dawn of the UberTwat”. TTOI fans will be glad to know that the cast and writers of the show are big Twitterers. Junior adviser Ollie Reeder, aka @mrchrisaddison, is consistently funny (“Ikea. Sunday. I am full of meatballs and loathing”), as is “swearing consultant” @ianmartin. You can also follow @rebeccafront, who plays new minister Nicola Murray, and writers @jessearmstrong1 and @simonblackwell.

And in this recession,even the ‘six billion dollar’ porn industry is hurt. CNN reports.

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