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Saigon Saigon

Posted by haynhi on 06/12/2009

This is another lovely Vietnamese restaurant in London. I went to pick up my wife the other day and the place was just 15 minutes away from where my wife worked so we decided to go there for a proper Vietnamese dinner. And proper it was though as always you pay for whatever good in life. The restaurant is spacious, the decor is excellent. And there I saw the kerosene lamp for the first time in years.

Here’s part of the restaurant’s menu .

Saigon Saigon restaurant
313-317 King Street
West London
W6 9NH

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147 phố Hàng Rèm or 147 Curtain Road

Posted by haynhi on 05/10/2009

The restaurant’s name is Little Hanoi, the address – 147 Curtain Road, London, EC2A 3QE and the telephone number – 020 7729 6868. And the nearest tube station – Old Street.

We came there by car from an office near Temple/Holborn station. It took about 10 minutes and you can park along some back streets around the area on Sunday.

When we arrived the restaurant was next to empty except for a couple and the restaurant’s staff having their evening meal.

We ordered seafood spring rolls (nem/chả giò dế – I can’t even understand the ‘dế’ bit) and fish hot pot (lẩu cá ). Both were very delicious though lẩu cá is a bit pricey at 36 pounds for two persons. But it came with a big pot of broth that looked, smelled and tasted very yummy indeed. Apart from the pot, there were of course two plates, one full of vegetables and the other with sea bass being the main fish along with some seafood.

It did not took long at all for the food to be served and we enjoyed ‘lẩu cá’ very much. Possibly the best we ever had. During the time we were there (Sunday evening), two groups of diners of about 20 people came in. They were all Vietnamese and Chinese.

If you fancy Vietnamese food and don’t mind spend a little bit more then Little Hanoi is for you.

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